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AAROHAAN EDUCATION is established in 2018 with the aim of giving right education to help students/aspirants to explore their knowledge in this Competitive world. The team involved in this process is having a vast experience of last 18 years to counsel, to teach, taking seminars for awareness of competitive exams, conducting workshops etc. Based on this, we’ve designed our courses on contemporary requirements. All these programs merely emphasis on to strengthening the basic concepts of the particular subjects, to create a proper environment for students to incline more towards their self-studies.
To get these benefits; students needs an ideal medium like workshops/programs which AAROHAAN EDUCATION conducts especially for competitive exams. To get preparation done for all these examinations as per student’s IQ & Ability. AAROHAAN EDUCATION also conducts Aptitude Test & DMIT Test along with newly designed Scientific base “Psychometric Test” for better results..
In this current Competitive scenario parents need to know the proper ability of their child and accordingly the approach of their child towards any Competition. So, we’ve created right atmosphere at the right time to get an opportunity to each n every child irrespective of their academic records with strong belief on their own ability.

AAROHAAN EDUCATION is one of the fastest emerging educational organization that is focused on providing perfect training programmes and coaching for ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and State Board in the field of competitive exams. Simultaneously we are also involved in crash courses in further competitive exams laid for aspirants of 12th & after graduation who want to achieve great things in life. This coaching provides effective understanding of concepts related to various subjects in academics through the medium of competitive exams.

All concepts are simplified for the better understanding for students in their studies. AAROHAAN EDUCATION is precisely an attempt to contribute to the awareness of the competitive exams for parents as well as students for the upcoming future competitive exams.

“Education is a process wherein students acquire knowledge through their experiences and apply it in solving the difficulties that they encounter”.


AAROHAAN EDUCATION emphasizes on the coaching and conducting of training programs from last 5-6 years of the experience in the field of education.
Our mission is to generate awareness about the various competitive exams and to provide correct methodology of preparation for them.
Developing a child’s logical ability and lightening up the path of education through competitive exams is the main motto of AAROHAAN EDUCATION.
With the support of expert guidance of seniors currently carrying 20 years of experience and experienced staff, versatile teacher faculty, AAROHAAN EDUCATION is on an excellent place.


Guiding and teaching / educating students is not everyone’s cup of tea. Aarohaan has maximized/stretched its efforts to set an experienced, well qualified teaching staff for effortless learning for students. Many of them are doctors, engineers, experienced in competitive exams and list goes on!!!!!

With the support of expert guidance from senior Management team, Advisors, Administrative Staff who is having a vast experience of past 18-20 years from this educational industry; under the Leadership of these Management Team & a versatile teaching faculty; Aarohaan Education is on an excellent pace.

To give a perfect platform at the right time to each and every student by providing special training to explore the real talent within them. To create at par awareness among parents and students about various happenings in competitive scenario.

To achieve excellence in educational coaching while giving an opportunity to each and every student to channelize their abilities..

To become well known reputed institute for competitive exams coaching programmes.

To make AAROHAAN EDUCATION known for its best services and best coordination ,and ultimately best faculty.

Finally we are in urge to establish our brand image in terms of educational activities which runs parallel to school education which is in demand in current educational scenario.

AAROHAAN EDUCATION always carries a thought that goals which are set up in front are stepping stones to climb the further ladder of excellency.

To fulfill the expectations of our staff members, core team and last but not the least our esteemed students and parents.

To maintain proper co-ordination and healthy relationships between organisation and parents as well as students.

Dedication of our teacher’s faculty and core members to achieve best results